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Sketch up ideas and take notes for your next project in one place: The Desktop Whiteboard. Scribble down design layouts and compare color themes, create storyboards, project graphics and text on screen, create animated cartoons, relieve your mind and practice your drawing skills — Visualization is key to the creative mind!

The combination of drawing by mouse (or digitizer) and writing by keyboard in the same context makes the Desktop Whiteboard a unique tool for the creative minded. The Desktop Whiteboard can even be used for educational purposes as an alternative to Power Point™ with drawing-over-image capabilities etc.

The Desktop Whiteboard v1.3 is free as in free beer!

Softpedia Editor's Review: 5/5
"The Desktop Whiteboard provides a handy set of parameters for helping you draw sketches and take notes.
Its intuitive layout makes it an ideal tool for beginners and professionals alike"

Get to it!

Design & programming:
The Desktop Whiteboard was created by Lars Brandt Stisen a former software developer from Denmark, now living in Berlin
Germany as commercial photographer and visual artist. The Desktop Whiteboard was written in C# (programming language).

• Total Recall on all projects (boards, notes, settings and color palettes etc.)
• Unlimited projects and easy to use project management
• Project timer for convenient timekeeping
• Printing and image export options
• Import images in all standard formats with resize and scaling options
• Multi-screen support
• Full screen and windowed mode with location and size persistence
• Animation playback with loop, reverse and custom frame settings (10 FPS to 1 FPM)
• Rich color picker with HEX, RGB and CMYK support for all palettes
• Pixel, Grid, Line and Fill effects with tolerance adjustment options
• Multiple levels of undo and redo across boards
• Autosave feature and backup options
• Board and project lock, protecting your work from accidental paint splatters :)
• Extensive keyboard shortcut support
• 9 customizable tabbed whiteboards per project, complete with toolbox, persistence and editing options
• 9 sizable noteboxes (high capacity notepads), one for each whiteboard with edit, search, font and opacity options
• 12 color palettes each with 7 customizable colors (84 customizable pens in total per project)
• 7 global themes from standard whiteboard to blackboard etc.

• Windows™ 8, 7, Vista, XP (32/64 bit)
• .NET Framework 4.0 or higher (a standard Windows™ component you get through windows update)
• Desktop Whiteboard comes with MSI Installer/Uninstaller (also delivered as binaries upon request)

• License: Freeware (view license)
• Download format: Zip
• File size: 740kb
• Language: English
• Download Desktop Whiteboard v1.3 from SourceForge >>
• The Desktop Whiteboard v1.3 on Softpedia >>

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  If you have any questions, suggestions etc. please feel free to contact me at MADDOCMAN Berlin
  For license information please read the Desktop Whiteboard v1.3 software license >>
  If you need the .NET Framework, get it via windows update or download it here: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 >>

TIP: If you're into abstract image processing, check out Grinder
– a software that will convert images to ASCII graphics as Text, HTML or PNG.


Best regards
Lars Brandt Stisen

Microsoft™ MCP
Berlin Germany

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